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The country resort Tenuta Vallelunga with its 350 hectars is situated deep in the Mediterranean woods (oaks, holly oaks, elms trees), on the low hills. The property hosts a great variety and richness of fauna. Ideal for birdwatching here you can find migratory birds such as the woodcock and the wild duck. Here live the wildboar, the fox, the squirrel, the porcupine, the roe deer,the pheasant). The property expands between the west and north east access for about 3 kilometers. At its center, less than one kilometer from Casa Ghiacci, are the farm, the horse riding school and the 5 hectars lake where you can fish or enjoy long walks. The horse riding school - Centro Ippico Asd Vallelunga Ranch managed by Eva Gioli - it is an independent operator not owned nor managed by our company.